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About Laurie Rosenberg

Hi, thanks for visiting my web site. I'm Laurie and I was born in Detroit, MI., I grew up in Phoenix, AZ. and lived in Los Angeles before coming to Israel in 1982.

I always wanted to be an artist. Through the years I have studied painting, pottery, photography, fashion design and more. I have a degree from Arizona State University in textiles and clothing with a minor in art history. I spent many years working in the fashion industry in L.A. and Tel Aviv. During the 16 years before my retirement I was an elementary school teacher.

In 2014 I retired and started painting every day, a year later I had my first solo show "Retro". I haven't stopped, every day is a day to create something new. My preference is acrylics for painting as they dry quickly and have a matte finish. I also do collage using recycled materials. My works are influenced by photography, old movies, (1940's-50), cars, and words.

I am a member of the Herzliya Artists Organization since March 2015.

I'm also a Daylighted artist with works in over 80 collections that are shown on LED screens in hotels and businesses all over the United States and France.

My paintings are held in private collections in the U.S. and Israel.











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